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Top Tips - Sorting out your table plan

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Table plans always look so pretty, but the reality of getting to your final table plan isn't always straight forward. Why can't all of your friends and family be in perfect grouping of 8 or 10? If you are lucky, then they are, but if not... then you need to do some jiggling around and put a bit of serious thought into it.

Step 1.

Make a list of your family, his family, your friends, his friends - generally these people will have natural groups, and you can usually get a strong basis of your table plan form these lists

Step 2.

Ask your venue, what table sizes can you have, and are the tables square or circular? If you have a choice, I would strongly suggest circular as if you have odd numbers guests on tables, a round table accommodates this much easier than square or rectangular tables (where one guest is sometimes left sat on the end on their own!). Once you know what you are working with, you can start your groupings.

Step 3.

Put people on the tables! You could do this quite simply as a list. Make sure you stick to your max table sizes provided by the venue, and see how you can group your guests. For most of us, its never going to be perfect, and some of your guests will likely sit with someone they don't know, but they all know and love you and so will find plenty to chat about.

Step 4

I found this idea on pinterest, tried it myself and its a winner! Get yourself some of those coloured page labels, colour code your guests as identified in step 1 and then start to physically stick them on little tables. Perhaps I have too much time, but I found this a really useful way of deciding exactly who sits where on the table. Its one thing grouping them together, but then you need to allocate guests a seat. Lets put Joe and Sam next tp each other because they met on the stag do, and Nannan needs to sit here so that she can see properly in the speech, and baby Henry needs to sit here because..... the list goes on. This step is great tough, and actually fun. We left ours on the kitchen table for a week and switched a few people around in their 'seats' until we got it perfect

Step 5

You've done it, you have sorted it, all thats left to do now is order your table plan... and you know that we can help you with that! :)

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