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Laura & Keith: Clifftop Wedding Stationery

A while back, I created some hand drawn clifftop wedding invitations for Laura & Keith, who are getting married next summer. I had a blast creating these, but have only just been able to share them now that I know the bride has sent out all of her invitations!

Laura told me where they were getting married, and sent me a picture of the clifftop walk they would be making after church to their gorgeous venue. Laura wanted a simply sketch of the clifftops, with Laura, Keith and their daughter Drew on the top of the cliff overlooking the sea. With this idea in mind, I went away and make a few sketches. Laura loved the sketches, so I went on to create her final invitations, which you can see below. Each indication was individually hand draw, freestyle, in black ink. I then added a light bit of colour in the form of a watercolour wash, just to give some detail to the cliffs, ocean and sand dunes.

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