• Natalie

New Decor: Rustic Sweet Table

I had an idea for this sweet table back in March, but a little bump of mine set us back (the bump being my gorgeous daughter) but finally finally it's here and ready to hire! Our rustic sweet table started our like as an old oak dresser table, which I've sanded down and painted in a chalky grey with silver internal draws! We've got a silver wooden pole frame, which our sweets sign is suspended from with magical invisible string. The sweet bar consists of 10 jars and a wooden crate to perfectly stack and display all your sweets. We also provide sweetie bags in your choice of colour and a little bit of extra decor to make your sweetie table pop! The best thing about the sweet bar? It's DIY in the sense that's it's being your own sweets. We provide the set up allowing you to choose your own sweets; whether it's the supermarket or homemade treats, you fill up those jars however you like. We're just here to help you make everything look pretty, and as easy as can be.

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